Whigby's posters are printed by pixies using vegetable based inks (mainly cabbage) on carefully selected sheets of uncoated recycled stock. Trimmed to our exacting specifications, they are hand rolled by famous artists and come shipped to your store in hollowed out tubes (with a fancy sticker) for your protection.
A Partial Inventory of Gustave Flaubert's Personal Effects
Price: $ 60.00
Item Code: POST0009
7 walking sticks, 5 oyster-knives, two Egyptian lanterns, one tiger skin and more.

Illustrated by: Joanna Neborsky
Quantity: 1 poster
Colour: Full colour
Size: 15.75" X 19.75" (fits in an Ikea frame)
Printing: Offset lithography
Paper: Uncoated recycled stock
Shipping: Shipped in a hollowed out tube with a fancy sticker